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Firstly we must introduce the star of the show… the pokito – a truly innovative reusable cup.  Portability is a key requirement for reusables, our collapsible cups compress down to a nifty 9.5cm. They’re designed to slip easily into a pocket or bag without compromising on the practicalities when full.

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The inventor, Andrew Brooks, came up with the idea when kayaking in Canada. Seeing mass deforestation in an otherwise unspoilt wilderness was eye opening.  He discovered that the trees being cut were destined petite brunette pornstar to be made into paper. A staggering 5 billion paper cups are discarded in the US alone each year.   The cups are almost never recycled due to their part plastic composition and the few that are can never be turned back into paper cups again. Things needed to change!

Andrew had many reusable cups but for one reason or another they all ended up at the back of the cupboard, too bulky or too heavy to carry around, too leaky or poorly insulated… in short for people on the go there was not a practical reusable cup for everyday use. After a lot of hard work and not a little ingenuity the pokito cup was created.

pokito collapsible cups are light, small, hygienic, versatile, spill proof & insulated.

They are also meticulously designed and made using high grade materials that are completely safe and approved for use by the US FDA and the European EMA.   The cups are made in a UK factory with the highest internationally recognised ratings for quality control, cleanliness & staff welfare.

Take a look at the reviews from our customers.  The pokito cup is the reusable that you will keep using.