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Absolutely! It is very important to us that the materials are completely safe and approved by the US FDA and the European EMA.

pokitos are proudly designed, engineered and manufactured in the UK. Our production facilities have the highest internationally recognized ratings for quality control, cleanliness and staff welfare.

Not quite like this one. Whilst there are several collapsible cups on the market, all are not created equal. Different materials such as tin, silicone – even leather back in the day – have serious limitations. We have used state-of-the-art heat and tear resistant, odourless and resilient European manufactured materials. Our unique design is pretty special too. Each pokito is able to offer 3 size options including most people’s favourite, Grande (16 oz or 475ml). Our lid snaps shut to seal in your drink for added peace of mind. pokito is one cool cup!

We can’t recommend this! pokito has been designed as an alternative to the dreaded paper cups so it’s primarily for drinks whilst you’re “on the go”. It has a snap down lid which seals shut to prevent spills if you’re bumped on a crowded commuter train but it’s not a flask. There are great products out there which serve that purpose – they’re heavy and fairly expensive though. Once you’ve finished your drink, pokito seals tight to prevent any dregs leaking when it’s stored in your pocket or bag.

pokito will retain its strength and shape when filled with hot liquid. The materials are heat resistant and the incorporated central band offers added insulation. They can still get warm to touch though and we recommend you exercise caution for temperatures above 80°C or 176°F. Most drinks served in café are well below this temperature!

We occasionally release cool, limited colours. To find out more about these exclusive offers, sign up to our email newsletter.

Yes, we were very careful to design pokito with smooth inner walls to prevent bacteria collecting. Ideally, it’s best to rinse your pokito after you’ve finished your drink and before you store it in your bag. When you get home, place it on the top shelf of your dishwasher and it’ll come clean by morning. Any light stains or strong drink odours that occur over time can be removed by scrubbing lightly with a simple baking powder and water paste. Check out our instructional video here:

That’s an interesting question. The millions of trees “harvested” to make paper pulp are planted and nurtured over a 30-year period in places such as Scandinavia, Canada, Germany and Russia. The raw logs are then transported to paper mills before being debarked, chipped, mulched, heat-treated, bleached, rolled, printed and finally lined with a 5% plastic waterproof membrane to form disposable cups. It’s incredible to think that they are then placed in the garbage after 5 minutes of convenience and 99% are ultimately destined for landfill or incineration. As you can imagine this is all environmentally expensive. According to the WWF “the pulp and paper industry is the fourth largest industrial user of energy, consuming 6.4 EJ in 2005 and a significant emitter of greenhouse gas” (source EIA report 2008). Is this really sustainable?

When you first receive your cup, remember to open the stopper before popping it up to your desired size. Fill your drink to around ½” or 1cm below the rim and take time to screw the lid on correctly. Once you’ve finished your drink, collapse the cup and snap the stopper into place. You’ll hear the positive click once it’s in place. Have a look at this video for more information:

Once you’ve inputted your address details, the shipping options will automatically appear based on your location.  For some countries, it’s only possible to send by ‘tracked’ mail which is more expensive but 100% reliable.

Otherwise, we’ve had a high level of satisfaction using the cheaper regular postal system even though it can be a little slow at times.  You can also opt to pay extra for “tracked” packages should you need that peace of mind.

We aim to dispatch all orders within 48 hours and all UK orders are sent by Royal Mail 48, delivery within 2-3 working days. International orders take longer, the time depends on destination country.

Returns are accepted of unused items within 30 days of purchase. Please return your unused item in it’s original packaging to: pokito, Unit 18, Highcroft Industrial Estate, Horndean, Hampshire, PO8 0BT.   Please be sure to include a note with your name and order number so that we can easily identify the parcel.

We’ll process your return and provide a refund within 5 working days from receipt of your return.    In the rare instance that you have received the wrong colour cup or if you are having any problems with your pokito collapsible cup contact and our friendly customer service team will be on hand to assist you.

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